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Here at Altenz Properties, we take great pride in our dealings with investors to ensure a long, lasting and mutually fruitful relationship. We work closely with private investors on investment projects that offer excellent returns. We know that investing in property is not a decision to be taken lightly, hence, we conduct a thorough market research and take a strategic approach to all our projects to ensure that they meet our client’s standards.

Based on our investors preference, they can choose to partner with us either on a light/hands-off approach or get stuck in and work together with us on joint venture projects. This partnership involves project funding that ranges from a few thousand pounds for a property set up, to much larger funding required to buy and refurbish a portfolio of properties which we in turn could potentially manage.

All of these are based on agreed rates of return and repayment term of the loan.

Why Work With Us

Some of the benefits we offer investors include…

Competitive returns on investment

Experienced and professional management team

Thorough market research and strategic acquisition of properties

Proactive property management services

Transparency and regular communication throughout the investment process

Short and long-term investment options

Frequently Asked Questions

As with all investments, how much money you put forth depends on you and your situation. The amount will also depend on the type of project. You can contact us to discuss further.

There will be a legally binding contract signed between yourself and Altenz Properties to ensure your investment is protected.

Historically, property investment has been and remains more stable and predictable than other forms of investments. We are a professionally run business with expertise in property investments. Additionally, all our properties are maintained to a high standard, and we work with various clients and have delivered on many projects.

This will depend on the duration of the investment and the mutually agreed rate. What we can assure you is that the returns on your investment will be highly competitive and more than you will get from the bank. That said, you can expect from 8% per annum.

This depends on the type of project which could range from short term to long term. Typically, most of our clients invest for periods between 12 to 24 months

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